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Cute Kay

ere are a few photos of people we love! Huzzah!

This is pretty Kay, a genuine World War II pin-up girl. Kay worked as a Rosie-the-Riveter in a New Jersey arsenal and kept the home fires burning while her sweetheart of a husband Bertram was overseas with the Army Air Corps. Kay led the Conga line wherever she went...

Way above is Kay, her husband Bertram and little bitty baby Kathleen, in early 1944. Bertram was a Captain at the time, and was eventually sent to the China-Burma-India theater of operations. Could this couple jitterbug! And dance they did, at all the legendary halls and clubs around New York and New Jersey.We Love Lucy

Ideal neighbors: Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel.

Here's some whirly girly talk from Peaches and the gang:

Peaches Favorites:
  • Swing tunes: Sing Sing Sing and Watch the Birdy
  • Sweetie-pie swing tune: How About You?
  • Dancin' & Romancin' music: Canadian Sunset
  • Old time swing band: Raymond Scott
  • New time swing band: The Beau Hunks Orchestra
  • Gal Singers: Ella Fitzgerald, Keely Smith, Peggy Lee, Betty Hutton
  • Boy Singers: Mel Torme, early Bing Crosby, Dick Powell, Daniel Valentine
  • Favorite lipstick: "Cherries in the Snow" by Revlon
  • Nightstand reading: F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Tales of the Jazz Age"
  • Peaches Favorite Sneaky Diet Drink: Canfield's Diet Fudge Soda. No calories, but oh, there are diner-like chocolate soda overtones!
  • Favorite Hollywood Musical Moments: Donald Duck's samba with Ya-Ya in "The Three Cabellero's" (1945), just about any big production numbers from the Goldigger Movies of the early 1930s, the "Groovy Movie" short with 1943's best jivin' swing kids, the Nicholas Brothers in Stormy Weather or Orchestra Wives
  • Favorite Shoes: Silver strappy heels with the blue opalescent glitter and little bitty sapphires!
  • Favorite jools: My Mom's fab and fake "Diamond Ice" necklace with matching earrings
  • Political party: Swingtime Centrist Action Commitee; Linus Snood and Tubby Dervish, treasurers.
  • Motto: We're in the happiness business!.

And now a word from our sponsor, The Enormous Cats Foundation:

Say, all you hosts and hostesses with the mostess! Here's a swank cocktail to try on that special occasion. This was developed in 1951 by an elder gent who had nothing to do during a ladies' luncheon in 1950. He put himself to work in the wood-paneled family bar -- and everyone had one back then -- and spent a most agreeable afternoon.

Our Social Director.
Granpa's original Mia Monte (Serves 1)

Place one scoop of coffee ice cream in large container, or in a blender. Add a jigger each of bourbon and half-and-half or milk. Mix well with spoon or whisk, or whirl in the Waring. Pour into chilled large martini or champagne glass, top with a dusting of very finely crushed pecans. Recipe can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled!


World famous society bartender and swell guy Vargas Valentine dreamed up the official Peaches O'Dell cocktail for those "in a swank state of being,'' he says. Mr. Valentine, collector of the largest cache of vintage coasters and cocktail nappies this side of the Stork Club, describes this little drink as "refreshing and polite, really, with a nice shot of oo-la-la.''

The Peaches O'Dell
1 generous scoop of raspberry sorbet or sherbet
One and half ounces (shot) of peach brandy
Splash or champagne, if handy, or use lime seltzer, 7-Up or Sprite
Wedge of lime
Rooty-tootie garnish of you choice
Blend sorbet or sherbet with brandy until smooth by hand, blender or in shaker. Pour into fancy glass (champagne, martini or margharita glass will do). Top with a splash of the bubbly and a squeeze of lime. Garnish with a fresh peach wedge, a strawberry or a slice of pineapple. Serves one. Don't forget your doily!

Our Spiritual Advisor helps a little lost girl.

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